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Sending Brain Tissue Materials to NCRAD for Autopsy
To ensure optimum quality of all tissue sent to NCRAD, a detailed protocol has been developed for brain tissue removal and preparation. Please contact NCRAD by e-mail at or by phone at 1-800-526-2839 if you have any questions about the protocol.

  • Brian tissue should be removed within 12 hours after death. Tissue should be removed prior to embalming. After removal, record the weight of the fresh brain.
  • Following removal, the brain should be split sagitally. One half should then be frozen at -70C. The other half should be fixed in a 10% formalin solution.
  • Please complete the protocol summary sheet.
  • After the tissue has been prepared, contact the NCRAD staff to make arrangements for shipping the tissue to the appropriate facility for neuropathological examination.

Shipping note: The fixed portion should be wrapped in formalin-soaked towels and placed in an airtight bag. The frozen portion should be placed in a separate container in a protective airtight bag and shipped on dry ice, Priority Overnight. Please do not ship the two halves of the brain in the same container. Please do not ship on Friday or Saturday.

Please contact NCRAD by e-mail at or by phone at 1-800-526-2839 with any questions.

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