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Office Staff

NCRAD Staff (left to right): Ashley Bozell, Kelly Horner, Kelley Faber, and Dr. Tatiana Foroud.

Dr. Tatiana Foroud, Ph.D. is the principal investigator for the National Cell Repository for Alzheimer’s Disease (NCRAD) study. She works closely with the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to ensure that the specific aims and goals of the NCRAD project are met. She is responsible for the oversight of the NCRAD study from the participation of families all the way to the use of samples by researchers throughout the United States. Dr. Foroud is the P. Michael Conneally Professor of Medical and Molecular Genetics and the Director of the Division of Hereditary Genomics at Indiana University.

Kelley Faber, M.S., CCRC, has been with NCRAD since June 2006 and serves as the research manager for the repository. Kelley monitors clinical data and biological specimens for all Alzheimer’s Disease studies banked in the repository. She also works closely with the investigators requesting samples for their research.

Ashley Bozell, MPH, is a newcomer to the department of Medical and Molecular Genetics. She began working with NCRAD in July of 2013 and has been with IU School of Medicine since 2012. Ashley serves as a research coordinator. Her duties include: family follow up mailings, data validation, and publication tracking. She is also helping complete annual chart reviews.

Kelly Horner has been with NCRAD since 2002 and with the Department of Medical and Molecular Genetics since 1990. Kelly serves as a research coordinator for the repository and her roles include autopsy planning, cognitive testing, and maintaining contact with NCRAD participants. She also performs annual chart reviews and organizes the newsletter.

Lab Staff

NCRAD Lab Staff
Laboratory Staff: (top left to right): Christopher Davis, Adam Crane, Phillip Luzader, Andy Hainline (bottom left to right): Elizabeth Ayers, Dr. Stephen Dlouhy, Kelsey Rash, Sarah Pardue, Katharina Sullen, Colleen Mitchell

Dr. Stephen Dlouhy, Ph.D. is the laboratory director for NCRAD. He is responsible for oversight of laboratory functions, including establishment and implementation of sample processing and distribution protocols. He is an Associate Research Professor in the Department of Medical and Molecular Genetics and also serves as the technical advisor for Indiana CTSI Sample Storage Facility and as associate director of the Molecular Genetics Services diagnostic laboratory.

Colleen Mitchell, M.T. has been with NCRAD since February 2009 and serves as the Operations Manager for the laboratory facility. Colleen monitors the receipt, storage and distribution of the samples. She works as a liaison with the coordinators for upcoming projects and communicates this information to the laboratory staff.

Katharina Sullen has been with NCRAD since 1990. As laboratory supervisor she oversees workflow, assigns daily tasks and is responsible for organization and distribution of DNA and other sample requests to researchers around the U.S and internationally. She is also responsible for training new lab personnel and general maintenance and of the laboratory.

Elizabeth Ayres joined NCRAD in August of 2010 and divides her time as the Quality Assurance technician and a laboratory technician. She assists with new instrument validations and the maintenance of SOPs. She is currently validating Tecanís automated liquid handling system, Freedom EVO, for Picogreen analysis and DNA plating. Elizabeth fulfills her lab tech duties by performing cell culture, DNA and RNA extractions.

Christopher Davis joined NCARD in February of 2010 as a laboratory technician. He performs DNA extractions, cell cultures and specimen tracking and receiving.

Sarah Pardue has been with NCRAD since February 2010 and serves as a laboratory technician for the various molecular and cell biology tasks associated with incoming samples, long-term sample storage, and outgoing DNA plates for research.

Adam Crane joined NCRAD in January of 2013 and serves as a laboratory technician. He is trained in various laboratory tasks and primarily preforms cell transformation and cell feeding. He also collects PBMCs, extracts DNA and RNA, and also database entry and upkeep.

Kelsey Rash has been with NCRAD since May 2011 and serves as a laboratory technician. Her responsibilities include cell transformation, DNA extraction and RNA extraction. She also plates DNA for researchers and helps with specimen storage, tracking and organization.

Andy Hainline has worked in the lab since the summer of 2009. He started off as a student in the lab and recently has been hired as a full-time employee. He graduated from Purdue University in Biochemistry and enjoys performing DNA extractions from blood and brain tissue, cell culture procedures, and electrophoresis.

Phillip Luzader has been with NCRAD since December 2011 and serves as a laboratory technician. His responsibilities include DNA extractions, cell culture, and other various tasks associated with incoming samples, storage of samples, and outgoing samples. He is also currently learning the TECAN robotics system.

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